Northeast Nebraska FCU Fee Schedule
Fee Changes effective 01/01/2021
The following fees may be assessed against your account.

Shares/Savings Account Fees

Fee NameFee Cost
Non-sufficient Funds (ACH/EFT/SHD) $25.00
Courtesy Pay $25.00
Stop Payment (ACH/EFT/SHD) $25.00
Unpresented Certified Draft $25.00
Reg D (each transfer over 6 per month) $25.00
Garnishment, Execution or Levy $25.00
Statement Reconciliation per hour $25.00
Research per hour $25.00
Returned Item drawer/payee same $25.00
Uncollected Funds $15.00
Outgoing Wire Transfer $15.00
Returned Item $10.00
Dormant Account (Quarterly) $10.00
-No activity for 12 months and balance of $100 or less
Incoming Wire Transfer $5.00
Account Closure within 90 days $5.00
Repetitive Account Open/Closure $5.00
Check Cashing 2% or minimum $5.00
Statement Copies per item $2.00
Return Mail per item $2.00
Certified Draft 1 free per month after $2.00

Shares Draft/Checking Account Fees

Fee NameFee Cost
Share Draft Order- per box Varies
Share Draft Copies per item $3.00
Replacement Debit Card $10.00
Debit Card Dispute $25.00
Rush Debit Card Order Varies

Share Certificates

Early withdrawal penalty may apply | All terms = 90 day dividends

Loan Fees

Loan Processing Fee $50.00
Loan Late Fee $25.00
Loan Extension Fee $35.00

Share Value

Share ValueCost
Par Value of one share $5.00

The rates and fees appearing with this Schedule are accurate as of the last dividend declaration. If you have and questions or require current rate and fee information on your accounts, please call the Credit Union.